# Setup guide

# Introduction

So you've just created an account for your company on Linesbox. What now?

Linesbox is only useful when everything is properly setup. We have prepared this handy guide for you so you will be able to fully enjoy your account.

# List of steps

Here are all the steps you should do to enjoy Linesbox.

# 1. Add employees

The first and most important step is to either add or import employees.

This is a very important step as if there are no employees, there are no data and Linesbox is simply useless.

Go to Settings > Add/remove existing employees, and either add employees one by one, or import employees.

# 2. Add teams

You can add teams to group employees together.

Go to Settings > Add/remove teams and start creating teams.

# 3. Create employee statuses

Employee statuses lets you tell if employees are part time, full time or whatever your organization needs.

Go to Settings > Add/remove employee statuses and start creating employee statuses.

# 4. Create job positions

Employees can't enter their job titles themselves. The admin or someone with the Human Resource role must assign one job position to them.

So you need to create all the job positions in your company, then assign a job position to each employee manually.

To do that, go to Settings > Add/remove job positions.

# 5. Profit!

There are many other features, but you've setup all that is required to start finding Linesbox useful.

Good job!